1/6 Keanu Reeves aka Neo

Title says it all. I'm molding him currently. I'll cast a few and try to paint some of them up. I don't have a body for him yet. I'm thinking of trying to get a Hot Toys ttm-16 body or maybe using Enterbay's Rm 4.01 since it seems to be taller. I'm under the impression that the ttm-16 is better for a body around 5'10-11 and the RM 4.01 would be closer to 6'2 in 1/6 scale. Let me know if you know otherwise.
If you'd like a copy for your custom figure purposes, hit me up. My email is on the pic.


Anonymous said...

Is this Neo from the first Matrix

Archius said...

Yes, he is.

I'm making a few improvements and trying a few different things on him at the moment.