69slimer's 1/6 Crow

69slimer's 1/6 Crow 

"The recipe is thus: -

Head sculpt by Archius

Coat is from my parts box and was originally a WW2 DID trenchcoat completely retailored. The jacket then had a series of acryclic washes applied and was heavily weathered using pastels and sealed with Citadel Purity Seal.

Trousers are custom made and weathered like the coat, and buttons are from a BBK cowboy waistcoat.

Boots are HT Whiplash repainted.

Body is HT TTM 19.

Stand decal is by Evil Face.

T-shirt is from ebay and was weathered and slashed as per film.

Hands are Mcfarlane Toys 12" Crow modified to fit HT wrist pegs.

Guitar and strap are custom made by myself.

Black taped sections on mid rif, upper right thigh and forearms are made using electrical tape.

Necklace is HT Chris Taylor painted black and wedding ring is from a weapon sling.

The twine on the stomach and leg is soldering wire painted the correct colour."


Anonymous said...

Great Eric Draven Figure really detailed. said...

I was excited to see the electronic Eric Draven THE CROW with lines from the movie. But I saw the sculpture sucks.

then I found your site and saw your sculpture brandon lee, I was speechless.

This film struck me, because I had a girlfriend who died three months before the movie premiere. When I went to the movies, I identified with the film's message of true love never ends.

I bought the bluray and was behind an action figure, but all are shit.

Congratulations for this Corvo and all the other sculptures.

I'd love to see this sculpture up close, but I live too far away.

thanks for the memories that brought me to see this beautiful sculpture.

Unknown said...

Hey GTEAT figure, im interested to know where head came from?

Unknown said...

Hey GTEAT figure, im interested to know where head came from?