1/6 Max Cady from Cape Fear

DeNiro as Max Cady from Cape Fear.
It's a project I'm working on with my buddy, F. Currently fitted to HT TTM-19.
I think it'll look pretty good completed.
The pants we're looking at can be had here.

Here's a bald version I'll be rooting soon.

Send me an email if interested in the version with sculpted hair or if you have any other questions.

1/6 Tom Hardy as Mad Max

1/6 Max Rockatansky on a HT ttm-19 body.
The last one from this group is Nux.

Please use the email in the pic if interested.


1/6 Amsterdam from Gangs of New York

But what about Bill?! o_0

1/6 Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa

The cinematography in this movie was insane. I hope we get a sequel.

I broke the I brushed some grey on a cast..;_;

There are 2 other chars from this movie..I wonder which...


1/6 Bishop from Juice

Modified for Bishop from the movie Juice ^ ^


1/6 Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Redemption

Lovely movie!
This one has been on ice for nearly a year now. I'd like to do Morgan Freeman eventually. We'll see how that goes. Shouldn't take a year though. 0_0

tbay has already created a full figure with painting by cheungkinmen.
 Naisu Desu!

Modified 2pac

I adjusted my 2pac a little bit to be closer to his VMA appearance as well as some small tweaks.
Need to source something to use for the ear rings. Any suggestions?


Ric Flair

1/6 Ric Flair, ladies and gents. This one has been sitting on ice for nearly a year....orz
Here's one the ever-patient tbay(many thanks) had wonderfully painted by Maximus Miniatures.


I still have a few unpainted copies left if you're interested.


1/6 2pac

After 2-3 years(?!wtf?!) and so much crap I'm finally back to making 1/6 sculpts available. Expect more regular updates!
I've had this one nearly done for the last couple of years.
He's probably my 4th go at him.
I grew up listening to this guy so it was proper that I do a portrait of him.

Get him here.
More pics there too.


1/6 Harrison Ford- Han Solo- Star Wars

Been working on this-more like the 5th separate attempt- for what's gotta be about 5 years or so.
Happy to see it wrapping it up. Still working out how I'll wig him. Now that I've improved, I'll run another pass with the rest of the crew. In the mean time, Natalie Portman.


1/6 Orlando Bloom- Legolas Lord of the Rings

Finally getting back to last year's projects. Should be significant improvement in general accuracy...hopefully!
Harrison Ford-Han Solo next....


1/6 Ryan Gosling - Driver

Private commission for a 1/6 Ryan Gosling from Driver.

Not for sale, sorry.


1/6 Yun-jin Kim Sun LOST

1/6 Sun Kwon from LOST

inquire at the email on the picture.


69slimer's 1/6 Crow

69slimer's 1/6 Crow 

"The recipe is thus: -

Head sculpt by Archius

Coat is from my parts box and was originally a WW2 DID trenchcoat completely retailored. The jacket then had a series of acryclic washes applied and was heavily weathered using pastels and sealed with Citadel Purity Seal.

Trousers are custom made and weathered like the coat, and buttons are from a BBK cowboy waistcoat.

Boots are HT Whiplash repainted.

Body is HT TTM 19.

Stand decal is by Evil Face.

T-shirt is from ebay and was weathered and slashed as per film.

Hands are Mcfarlane Toys 12" Crow modified to fit HT wrist pegs.

Guitar and strap are custom made by myself.

Black taped sections on mid rif, upper right thigh and forearms are made using electrical tape.

Necklace is HT Chris Taylor painted black and wedding ring is from a weapon sling.

The twine on the stomach and leg is soldering wire painted the correct colour."


1/6 Crow -Brandon Lee

Finished Crow.

Enquire for completed head at the email in the pic.

1/6 Camilla Belle

1/6 Camilla Belle.

Gorgeous lady. 'nuff said. :D

Not for sale; this was a private commission for a great client.

How often is it that one gets to sculpt portraits of beautiful women..Camilla..then Jessica...MORE TO COME!!
Yezzir.. more to come...


1/6 Ving Rhames - Marsellus Wallace - Pulp Fiction

1/6 Ving Rhames - Marsellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction!


1/6 Jessica Alba

1/6 scale Jessica Alba as Max from Dark Angel season 1.

Contact at for purchase info.

1/6 Guess who

This is a sculpt I worked on last year for FamousFigures. E-cookie if you can guess who it is...


1/6 Jessica Alba - bald

1/6 wax Jessica Alba. I'll be making a 2nd copy with wax hair in the stylings of her character Max from Dark Angel season 1.
The original wax sculpts will be made available for sale to do with as you please.
Contact at if interested.


Sculpts painted by Cheungkinmen

Contact Cheungkinmen here for paint/sculpt work.


1/6 Yun-jin Kim - Sun- LOST- completed

As soon as my Magic Sculp gets here, I'm done doing hair in wax!!!!! Layering and clean up will be so much easier  and look so much better then.

1/6 Yun-jin Kim - Sun- LOST

1/6 Yunjin Kim as Sun from LOST.
I'm still working her at the moment. This version is intended to have real hair.
Sculpted hair will be complete shortly.


1/6 Brad Pitt - Tyler Durden - Fight Club - buzzed

1/6 short haired version with a few more mods of Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden from Fight club.


1/6 Brad Pitt - Tyler Durden - Fight Club

1/6 Brad Pitt - Tyler Durden - Fight Club.
Finally finished. I'm looking forward to seeing him painted up. :D


1/6 Bret Hart

1/6 Bret "The Hitman" Hart!

The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be...


1/6 Jin - LOST

Beautfiully painted and photographed by Cheungkinmen. Check him out! He's available to paint your heads too. Sculpted by me.

I still have a few copies of this Jin(unpainted) available if you want a copy. Email at for more details.

C ya